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Rosamaria's Prints and Solarplates


PRINTS: A print is an impression made by an object on a surface of another object.

“An original artist print is an image that has been conceived by the artist as a print and executed solely as a print, usually in a numered edition and signed by the artist. Each print in the edition is an original, printed from a plate, stone, screen, block, or other matrix created for that purpose. There is no one original from which copies are made. Each print is inked and pulled individually; it is a multi-original medium. The number of prints in the edition is decided by the artist. The sequential numbering provides an accounting for the number of prints in the edition....” From: Professional Art Dealers Association of Canada.


“Printmaking with Solarplate is a simple, safe approach and an alternative to traditional etching and relief printing. Solarplate is a prepared light-sensitive polymer surface on a steel backing, developed for artists to explore printmaking techniques.
The unexposed polymer is affected by water and ultraviolet light. Any areas of the plate blocked from the light with artwork remains water soluble; the remaining areas become hardened.
Etching is created by washing out the blocked areas with tap water. No acid, asphaltum grounds or petroleum solvents are used in any way for the preparation of the plate.
Solarplate is manyfactured in Japan and distributed in the US by Hampton Editions, Ltd., Sag Harbor, NY.....” From: Dan Welden/Solarplate.com

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