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Rosamaria's Statement

My works are the result of my daily experiences, reflections, emotions and observations.

Most of my prints depict imaginary places and figures with umbrellas here and there.  My works relates to our paths in life, passing through a transient world, a transformation in the absence of love ones, a constant changing life.

While creating my prints, I look for that peaceful place I’d like to be, surrounded by mysterious and ethereal atmospheres.
I continue my journey in life creating with passion, experimenting, breaking the rules, and always integrating my ideas on order to create a meaningful work of art.

I consider myself lucky, humbled and very blessed. In the last few years, I have been inspired by two precious, polite and lovely children. Their enthusiasm on their daily discoveries and activities, plus a familiar environment surrounded by love, have been very beneficial for my life. Part of my Intaglio series are dedicated to them, Jacob and Kayla.

Facebook/Rosamaria Eisler, Printmaker

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